Offering express detailing to fit your schedule

Why choose us?

Total Detailing Auto Spa offers  quality auto detailing services both for exterior and interior of your vehicle. Have your vehicle serviced by our team of qualified detail technicians.  Our  exterior express detail uses hand wax, interior clean up packages to quickly shampoo floor mats, and leather seats, shampoo/steam carpets and seats. No appointment necessary, prices will fit your budget.

 •  No appointment needed

 •  Service while you wait

 •  Many service options available

 •  Car, trucks and more

 •  Affordable

Express detail options

Express hand wax:

$39.95 with any wash purchase


Interior Clean Up: (Small Vehicles)

Starting at $19.95 – vacuumed, wiped down, windows cleaned


Interior Clean Up: (Large Vehicles)

Starting at $29.95 – vacuumed, wiped down, windows cleaned


Shampoo Floor Mats:

$2.50 - small rear mat

$5.00 - front mat


Headlight Restoration:

(For tired, yellow looking lights)



Interior Super Dress:



Leather Seats:

(Cleaned / conditioned)

$10.00 - first row

$20.00 - second row

$30.00 - third row


Shampoo/Steam Carpets and Seats:


Carpets only:


$45.00 - vans and SUVs

$35.00 - cars and trucks


Seats Only:


$35.00 - vans and SUVs

$25.00 - cars and trucks


Rid / Odor


(20 minutes)


Ozone machine


(Several hours)


Paint Touch-up

Starting at $5

(Customer provide paint)


Get in and get out fast

If you're looking for quality detailing services that won't take all day, our express packages are just right for you. No appointments are needed, and we provide service while you wait.

Express detailing

while you wait


(Gift Cards Available)

There's no need to make an appointment for our express detailing packages.

We'll quickly service your vehicle while you wait.

worker-polishing-the-car man-washing-car

Full Service Car Wash Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Sunday: 9am - 4pm


Detail Department Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Sunday: Closed